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Customs Clearance

Delivery of Cargoes

Port Forwarding


Storage & Consulting

Storage and Consulting.

CJSC ATL offers cargo storage and handling services in specially equipped closed warehouses with qualified and skilled personnel. These services are given both for storage of usual diverse cargoes and for possible temporary storage of regime cargoes, including unloaded from the sea containers which are taken out from port of St.Petesrsburg after Customs clearance in order to reduce more expensive port storage, and also possible consolidation of different-grade cargoes. In addition to consolidation packing, unpacking and fastening services with granting of pallets are possible. Also services on transportation of cargoes from warehouses by rail as to railway station of destination and to Consignee's warehouse with using of motor transport for on-carriage are rendered. Managers of CJSC ATL can offer and organize individual, optimum and less expensive scheme with usage of a warehouse and selection of a route of transportation in cases when selection of logistic scheme of transportation with handling and storage outside of the port is necessary.



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